“We are looking to source two Sales people for an innovative sales creation programme.  The programme is centred on Whitchurch Shropshire UK.  If you are interested please send me a post.  If you are a Business Development Manager/Executive or an Income Diverisfication Specialist this is probably not for you we are looking for two Professional […] Continue reading →


When you enter into the Sales Profession and decide and commit to a career as a Professional Sales person you gain a benefit a real benefit. Almost immediately you realise you have absolute personal freedom, mobility and privacy. Continue reading →

The Most Important Profession?

I was in the company of several people all from differing backgrounds the discussion which was getting heated was who is the most important profession.  I was keen to be an observer and not a contributor, sabre waving competitions are not my scene. There was an orthopedic Surgeon, a GP a Marketing Executive and half […] Continue reading →