Make 2013 Your Most Profitable Year

2012 was an Olympic Year for all sales people on this site.  What do you do in 2013 to break your sales records?  I have a method of hitting the ground running, it is something really simple that I have used for 40 years.

You will have read  the comment from I think Mae West who said “I keep a diary and in the future the diary will keep me”.  If it was somebody else who said it please let me know.

There is a lot of sense in that statement.  The procedure I have carried out for 40 years is as follows:

Check last years diary look at the entries for January 2012 and ring to make new appointments with all those prospective clients in January who either cancelled the appointment or failed to buy.  Ring them to make a new appointment to give them another opportunity to be welcomed as your client.

Continue to check your diary identify those prospects who became clients and book an appointment for a  service call to either make a ‘Garlic Bread Sale’ or for the really main reason for a service call.

Then do this each month, in addition to new appointments, it will help to ensure you have a record breaking year.

If you are unsure what a ‘Garlic Bread Sale’ is or unsure what the main reason for a service call is please contact me, I will be delighted to explain what both these tremendous sources of business are.

Keep Smiling and remember “Nothing Happens Until A Sale Is Made”


2 thoughts on “Make 2013 Your Most Profitable Year

  1. Fantastic, as per usual!

    Just like the good old days.



  2. Tony Higgins says:

    Simple but so easily forgotten Best wishes Kevin. TH

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