Personal Success Is in Colour

I have a confession to make. I am dyslexic when I went to school it was pronounced stupid! I have to say I don’t see my dyslexia as a disability more a benefit. Because I know I have some challenges it means I work that much harder to ensure I get things right, which works more times than not, however I face the challenge.

A real benefit though is that I am a visual person, many salespeople are. So I write things down in colour. An example is I have my goals written down on small cards. One goal on each card. Each goal is in a different colour goal 1 written in Green Ink. next in Red, then Blue, and Black. Using this system it arouses interest when I am reading and visualising my goals and I feel impacts more on remembering my goals when I am going about my business. Often I might not remember the exact words of my goals however I can remember ‘that goal in Green about ? or the goal written in Red about?

This can be further refined you might decide All Physical/Well being goals are written in Red and Wealth goals are written in Blue, with Personal Development goals in Green and Family and Spiritual goals written in Black. Always write your goals in the correct way, if you are not sure what I mean, by the correct way please contact me this is too great a concept to be unclear of.

If you have a Visual Board you can place coloured pictures, photographs or drawings of your goal on your visual board corresponding with the colour of your written goals. Again if you are not sure of the concept of a Visual Board contact me.

I am now of the age that time is more important to me than money, I would hate to waste anybodys time. I do hope you get some benefit from this post if so
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