Prospecting For Business

Prospecting For Business Within Walking Distance of Your Office

I was as guilty as any salesperson of travelling from one end of the country to the other prospecting for business.

 How The Inland Revenue Helped My Business Grow

The Inland Revenue brought me to my senses I had a driver, John who would pick me up he would have called into the office and collected the files for that day’s business.  He planned the route in order to fit all the prospects in and away we would go.

I have to say I wrote a lot of good business, slept in the car between appointments and was always refreshed for the next appointment.  It was hard work particularly for John, I had the good stuff meeting nice people who wanted to do business with me.

My Tax Return was submitted at my year end and I placed my mileage down as an agreed business expense.

Inland Revenue question

Then Caesar’s right hand man rang me the discussion was how can you justify the mileage that you have done in the past year? My answer, easy because that is the mileage I’ve driven.  His response was you have driven more miles than some Air Crews fly in a year.

That was worrying, not for the reason Caesar thought.  It caused me to analyse how my time was spent I realised that in a 12+ hour day I was spending a large amount of time in my car, being driven past any amount of business.

Walking Distance Of the Office

I resolved to try to see people to develop a profitable business within walking distance of my office, I was told it wasn’t possible but hey it’s my life, I can do what I want. I think there is a pop song about that.

I used various prospecting ideas to ensure I could develop a business within walking distance to my office.  This had an added bonus because I was so close most of my prospective clients asked if they could come to my office.  What a bonus, by visiting my office it suggested they had an interest in doing business with me.

 Square Mile Selling

I will mention some of these prospecting ideas during the weeks ahead however if you are impatient click on THE SQUARE MILE for an advanced insight to a method of working that will not only improve your business but your life.  Let’s face it we are all after a balanced life style.

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