Sales Success Is Written in Colour

Have you ever opened your diary on a business day looked at the entries and have a blank as to what the entry means. Why have you written a diary entry to visit Mr X, what’s that about?

This system I use may just help, try it believe me it won’t do any harm and lets face it a bright colourful diary is relaxing to look at. How about colour coding your diary entries. Try this system

Non-Business Activities. i.e. Going to the gym or haircut. Complete in Black ink.

Appointment with a new, never met before prospect. Complete in Blue ink.

An appointment to close the sale, get the deposit, the cheque etc. Complete in Red Ink.

A follow up call, a service call to an existing client or to a prospect that you have already met with who may now be interested. Complete in Green ink.

The rule is:

Blue for New
Green for seen
Red for go ahead.
Black for relax.

You will be able to glance at your diary and instantly have a clearer picture of your activity.

This has another, I consider even greater, benefit it can identify how your business is progressing. It can show a very balanced Business and Personal life or it can highlight concerns before they become a problem.
For example if the majority of your diary entries are in Black it may suggest not enough work and too much play.
Lots of entries in Blue is great but if you are not converting the Blues to Reds it suggests you have a challenge in closing the sale?
Too many Greens you almost become a professional visitor though a service call is terrific for the correct reasons. If every entry in your current diary is Red that can be a real boost to your income but it also says unless you start to get some Blues you will soon run out of prospects. And we all know “If you have no Prospects, you have no Prospects”.

I am now of the age that time is more important to me than money, I would hate to waste anybodys time. I do hope you get some benefit from this post if so
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