Have you got your coffee? Yes I’ve got mine a cappuccino.
I had been working as a salesman in a company for some years and was invited to become the branch manager of an ailing branch. It wasn’t really something that floated my boat but hey! Any new challenge is progress. After my first sales meeting on my first day I called the receptionist into my office. I asked her to name the most important person in the branch? I think she thought it was a trick question, she said you are your the Branch Manager I told her I did not see myself as the most important. She was getting concerned. I helped her, I said look at the main office, it was open plan, as a business all those sales people together are the business, so who is the most important? She thought it might be the top salesperson. I said no. YOU are the most important person in this business let me tell you why.
I explained she was the first person anybody meets when they visit our business. Depending upon your manner when you meet visitors, the professional layout of your work station how you answer the telephone sets the standard of our business. You set the standard of our business. YOU are the most important person in our business.

First impressions count and they become lasting impressions. The first and lasting impression of your business may be your receptionist if you don’t at this stage have a receptionist I will explain, next time we have a coffee,  how your business card is the first and lasting impression of your business.

WHAT: I made a member of staff realise how important she is.
HOW: I explained her role while ensuring she was aware of her importance in the future of the business.
WHY: I believe in using every asset of a business in order to improve business. Did it improve business? Absolutely! Will telling your staff how important they are improve your business? Absolutely!
Looks like we have finished our coffee how about meeting up again? I enjoy sharing tips over coffee. See you soon

How much? No charge!  If you think what I have shared with you will be of benefit to you Buy me a coffee.

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