The Most Important Profession?

I was in the company of several people all from differing backgrounds the discussion which was getting heated was who is the most important profession.  I was keen to be an observer and not a contributor, sabre waving competitions are not my scene.

There was an orthopedic Surgeon, a GP a Marketing Executive and half a dozen others.  Drink had been taken which translated to a not very scientific debate.

Each was expounding the virtues of their particular profession.  I was keen for more drink to be taken and less discussion, we were supposed to be celebrating Manchester City winning the Premiership for the first time for 44 years, in the words of Churchill OOooooHHH YYYyeeeeeesssss.

I stopped them in their tracks, a great way to get people to do what you want them to do is to bring them together with a single aim.   I explained to them the most important Profession and the oldest is that of SALES, nothing happens until a sale is made.

As a group they considered Sales is not a profession it is a job,  and no way can you consider SALES as a career in fact none of them knew anybody who had a SALES CAREER my response was you know me you have known me for years, I have had a career in sales for over 40 years.

They responded but you’re not a salesman you run your own business, you are a ‘sorter out’ an entrepreneur.  I explained how every one of them were in their respective professions was due to the fact, person or persons unknown had sold them on the opportunity.

I then really put the ‘cat amongst the pigeons’ when I told them that their respective professions, and positions were a cost, everything they did was at a cost to their respective employer, in short they contribute to cost and the sales person contributes to profit.

Although I would never undermine any employment or profession and each has its place in the scheme of things I think it is fair to say ‘Nothing Happens Until A Sale is Made’

Mayhem ensued I slipped away before punches were thrown I suspect I will have to wait until the end of 2012/13 season to celebrate Man City winning the Premiership AGAIN!!!







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