What Is The Most Important Skill In Selling?

I am often asked what is the best skill to master in the profession of selling?  I remember something I was told more years ago than I would want to admit to



WOW! How profound is that?

Sales people ask me should I learn ‘Closing The Sale’?  There are any number of books on this subject.

  Should I learn ‘Objection handling’? There are any number of books on this subject

  Should I learn ‘Building Rapport’? There are any number of books on this subject.

And believe me when I say there are any number of books telling you how you should sell to this personality or that personality.  When I bring a newby salesperson into my organisation Selling University, I tell them there is only one thing I believe you need to know and all the rest of your questions will be answered.

I have met salespeople in many organisations who can tell you exactly how much commission they are going to earn from a client, this is before they even meet the client.  Before they have met the client they don’t know what concerns the client may have but they know what they are going to sell and how much commission they will be paid on the sale.  How can you do that?  If your commission is more important than benefits to the client how is that an ethical sale?

I meet with Clients  and maintain an open mind I have a little reel to reel tape recorder in my head and while I am visiting with the client I have a message going through my head “How can I help? How can I help? How Can I Help” I usually come up with a solution.

  Back to the question what is the best skill to master?  in my opinion and it is only my opinion the best skill to master is


Happy Selling

Keep Smiling



2 thoughts on “What Is The Most Important Skill In Selling?

  1. Tony Higgins says:

    good straightforward advice. needs based advice!

    • I am always trying to help. I want to pass on the skills I have honed over the past 40+ years to help other Professional Salespeople or those people considering a career as a Professional Sales Person. If you are aware of anybody who is either in sales or is considering a career in sales please direct them to this Blog.

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